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Please consider making a regular, recurring monthly contribution to the Jefferson Township Democratic Committee to help us continue our work.  You can select whether you want to give once or monthly when you click the ActBlue link below.   Thank you for your generous support!

We now have shirts as well! The link to our shirt webpage appears in our emails at the bottom, as a way to help contribute to our causes while supporting the growth of the committee in a visible way!  If you order one, we hope you wear it in good health and pride!  #TeamBlue!

Although we are able to use town facilities for our meetings, and we work hard to keep our budget low and reasonable, there is a cost to all of our printing, outreach work, supplies, operating needs and efforts, and it isn't just a question of invested time.  Expenses do add up.

Your donations to the Jefferson Township Democratic Committee go entirely toward supplies and expenses for the volunteer work we do, and when applicable and appropriate, toward helping the candidates we support.

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